W.M. Creations, Inc. Artists

This page is dedicated to our very talented artists/staff.  

(In alphabetical order) 

Joel Cabuco - Runner.

Joel keeping our supply room stocked.

Joel Cabuco has been with W.M. Creations since 2001.  Joel has various duties at W.M. and keeps the working lab stocked with supplies and is in charge of running all of our errands.  

Koji Ohmura - Lab Technician, On Set Technician.

Koji Ohmura sculpting Forrest Whitaker's old age appliances for "Lee Daniels' The Butler".

Koji was born in Iwate Japan.  He has worked for W.M. Creations since 2006.  His various specialties at W.M. include sculpting, running foam latex, silicone heads and bodies, painting, and life casting. Koji is also one of our trusted on set technicians as well as a SAG Puppeteer!

Alex Smith - Project Coordinator, Lab Technician & On Set Technician.

Alex working on a severed hand for CSI.

Alex Smith has been with W.M. Creations since 2012.  She is now our new Project Coordinator. Her skills include painting, sculpting, creating silicone and gelatin appliances as well as being one of our trusted On Set Technicians.

Phyllis Somers - Front Desk and Shipping.

Phyllis working her magic at the front desk.

Phyllis Somers has been with W.M. Creations since 2001.  Her skills with answering the phones and communicating are unequaled.  Phyllis is in charge of all billing, shipping and anything which goes in or out of W.M. Creations.

Jackie Stokes - Administrative and W.M. Products Manufacturer.

Jackie at her desk.

Jackie Stokes has been with W.M. Creations, Inc. since 1993.  She is one of our administrators as well as overseeing the W.M. Professional Product line.

Cary Stokes - Lab Technician.

Cary working with bodies at storage.

Cary Stokes is an all around technician at W.M. Creations.  Cary works in our "W.M. Products" department as well as working in the main lab.

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