W.M. Creations, Inc.

Matthew Mungle and John Jackson formed W.M. CREATIONS, INC. Make-up Effects Company in 1987. Since it’s inception it has gone from a small company employing 2 artists to a thriving business employing up to 20 artists at a time. W.M. strives to keep on the cutting edge of the Make-up Effects Industry by incorporating new and advanced techniques and materials. W.M. has created make-up Effects for over 200 films, television and stage productions. “Anything is possible, it’s just the way you look at an effect” has always been Matthew’s motto when approaching a project. Keeping this motto in mind Matthew and his company has gained a reputation as dependable and willing to work within a budget creating any make-up effect.

In 1995 Matthew Mungle created a professional line of Make-up Effects products called Stacolors, an Alcohol based, plastic, cosmetic pigmented make-up that sticks to the skin under adverse conditions. With the success of Stacolors Matthew branched out to include his now famous Spirit Gums that are used throughout the Professional Make-up Industry around the world. The W.M. Professional line also includes Sealers, Scab Materials, Scar Materials, Old Age Stipples and Brush Holders. In January 2017 W.M. Creations, Inc. sold the Professional Line to ProFx Shop a off spring of Frends Beauty Supply. It will continue to be the same High Quality and Innovative Product for years to come.

In 2011 Matthew and John formed a business partnership with Clinton Wayne. His 20 years experience working in the industry and along side Matthew and John on a multitude of projects has helped infuse a new vitality into the company. His approach and artistry to each project that comes through W.M. has given the company a new and invigorating life.

On June 2, 2017 W.M. Creations, Inc. closed it's doors in North Hollywood, CA and moved to Lago Vista, Texas near Austin, Texas. This will start a new chapter in the life of John Jackson and Matthew Mungle.


W.M. Creations, Inc.

Matthew W. Mungle - Owner

John E. Jackson - Owner

Clinton Wayne - Business Partner


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